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Refurbished iPads

The Apple iPad is one of the most sought-after pieces of tech on the market thanks to a multitude of benefits that have secured its popularity across the world. With excellent portability, an incredible selection of apps, and the ability to provide entertainment on the go, investing in an iPad is the perfect solution for those looking to bridge the gap between a phone and a computer. In our range below you’ll find a wide selection of iPads, including the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Refurbished iPads Good?

Purchasing a refurbished iPad from a reputable retailer like tier1 ensures that you’ll receive a tablet in full working order. This means you will still be able to enjoy the core benefits at a fraction of the original price! At tier1 our refurbished iPads are wiped, repaired, and tested to the highest standard - so you can rest assured that your new-to-you refurbished iPad won’t let you down.

Do Refurbished iPads Have New Batteries?

Whilst our refurbished iPads don’t have new batteries, we do rigorously test the original battery to ensure it’s in good health. Although newer models are likely to have better battery health than an older model, no refurbished iPad sold at tier1 will have a battery health lower than 60%.

Do Refurbished iPads Work Well?

Reconditioned iPads go through a diligent refurbishment process in order to return them to full functionality. The grade you choose affects the amount of visible wear and tear on your tablet, however all of our refurbished iPads function very well, irrespective of any external weathering!

Grade A

“A great quality refurbished device with minimal marks or damage”

Grade B

“A small reduction in finish for a big reduction in price”

Grade B (Screen)

“Light marks on the screen which are barely visible when turned on”

Grade C

“A fully working device with heavier signs of use”