If you’re starting the exciting journey of university or going back to school, a laptop is essential. It’s one of the most versatile pieces of tech a student can own, but it’s important to find one that isn’t going to break the bank. The tier1 experts are here to help, and they have everything you need to know about choosing the best student laptop.  

Choosing the Best Student Laptop with tier1  

The perfect student laptop should offer an array of benefits from solid performance to reliable battery life for long lectures. But with a tight budget, it can be difficult to tick off your ‘must-haves’.  

Opting for a refurbished laptop is a great way to save money and have a reliable laptop to withstand the hustle and bustle of student life. With a range of refurbished grades available, you can find the most suitable laptop for your budget. It may even allow your budget to stretch to a refurbished Macbook 


Consider the Storage You’ll Need  

The RAM needed for a student laptop is largely dependent on the amount data that will be stored. For many students, 8GB will be sufficient for daily productivity and for storing small files. However, creative students who may require programs such as Adobe Photoshop should consider at least 16GB RAM to allow their laptop to perform efficiently.  

For those searching for larger storage capacities, a refurbished desktop naturally holds a larger RAM drive to hold bigger files and programs.  

Accidents Happen – A Warranty Will Protect You from Any Hiccups  

Student laptops are not indestructible and can become damaged as they’re constantly moved in and out of backpacks. To cover all avenues, and to avoid any unwanted financial surprises, a warranty is essential for students.   

Consider the length of the warranty on your laptop, as it may cover accidents or allow you to replace faulty parts. At tier1, all refurbished tech comes with a free 1-year warranty that includes full breakdown support and repairing of faults caused by technical defects. It’s important to have this peace of mind as you go about your studies.  

What Laptop Software Works Well for Students? 

If you’re looking for software options to future-proof your purchase, Windows 11 is a great choice. Armoured with enhanced security and performance, including the latest support and features for smooth use, it’s the ideal software for students.  

If you’re accustomed to changing your laptop every few years, Windows 10 will also provide a great service for the next few years of your education. With comprehensive security protections that are built-in, you’ll still have peace of mind but at a budget-friendly cost.  

Tier1’s Top Tips for Finding the Best Student Laptop 

Finding the best student laptop can feel like a minefield, but our experts have put together their top tips to help you with your decision:  

  • Consider the weight of your laptop if you’ll be carrying it around  
  • Choosing a refurbished laptop helps save the planet and your pocket!  
  • Battery life – will it last a full day of lectures and tutorials? 
  • Upgrading to a RAM above 8GB will let you run several programs at once 
  • Take advantage of student discounts to save extra £££’s – Save 10% off at tier1 with GoCertify 

On-The-Go Learning? Our Refurbished Tablets Are a Must 

If you find yourself being weighed down by your laptop as you switch classes, a tablet may be more suitable. Refurbished tablets are a great alternative as they’re lightweight and hold an array of features, such as drawing live diagrams.  

Whether you’re drawn to an iPad or a Microsoft tablet such as the Surface Pro with 16GB RAM, you’ll have the chance to unlock as many possibilities as you can with a laptop, at a slightly lower price point.  

Finding the perfect student laptop that ticks all your must-have criteria can be within your reach with a refurbished laptop