A recent Statista study has revealed that 84% of those aged 35 to 54 in the UK own a laptop, whether for work or personal use. Unfortunately, these innovative pieces of technology do not come cheap; popular brands can cost up to £1,149 for entry-level models. In addition, 45% of laptop owners complain that their devices are ‘slow’ - but replacing an outdated model is increasingly expensive!

As a result, it's no wonder that refurbished laptops are quickly becoming popular within the tech industry. These laptops are not only the best value for your money - allowing you to purchase higher specification units - but they are also environmentally-friendly, recycling components and units instead of generating e-waste. 

However, with so many options to choose from, and a variety of refurbished laptop grades available (which may lead to confusion) it can be hard to choose the best refurbished laptop for your needs. Luckily, the friendly tech experts at Tier1 Online are here to help you to discover and purchase your ideal refurbished laptop.

What Are the Different Types of Graded Laptops?

You might be wondering - what do refurbished laptop grades mean? Generally, our refurbished grading system is scaled from Grade A, the highest available grade, down to Grade C, with more detail as to these refurbished grades' meaning below:

What does Grade A refurbished mean?

  • Grade A: This is the best grade possible and refers to a product that is in excellent or very good condition. For example, Grade A refurbished laptops may be considered 'like new', but have a small cosmetic issue, such as a minor scratch on the base or lid.

If I order a Grade B refurbished product, how will this differ?

  • Grade B: All Grade B refurbished products can be considered to be in relatively good condition but may have cosmetic damage that is more noticeable, such as multiple scratches. 

Finally, what is a Grade C refurbished unit? 

  • Grade C: Grade C refurbished products will still be in working condition, but they might display clear signs of visual damage, which could range from dents to scratches. 

Please note that regardless of the refurbishment rating, the grading system primarily exists to accurately communicate any cosmetic damages or signs of heavier uses. This means that regardless of the rating, all products are functional

If you need any more advice regarding grading technology, or the meaning of refurbishment grades, you can view our grading guide here

What Are the Benefits of Refurbished Tech?

Opting for sustainable technology isn’t a compromise on quality and instead is a great way to find your brand 'new' laptop, desktop, or phone. It's moreover socially responsible, and you'll capitalise on several great benefits as a result, which we’ve highlighted below. 


The cost saving advantages of selecting refurbished technology should not be underrated - in some cases, you can even save as much as 50% on your new product! 

Lower costs are especially important as the cost of living increases, with a 2023 study discovering that many money-savvy Brits are increasingly willing to buy refurbished items. For example, 32% own a pre-owned phone, and a further 24% are planning to purchase one in the future. 

The study also discovered that 47.5%, nearly half of Brits interviewed, believed brand new items are too expensive, and that purchasing refurbished items is more environmentally-friendly. These results demonstrate a marked shift towards individuals becoming not only becoming more financially conscious, but also more environmentally-conscious. 

Environmental impacts

Less than 20% of e-waste is properly recycled, with the remaining 80% ending up in a landfill. As such, e-waste is an increasingly worrisome problem, especially as electronic products contain a multitude of chemical elements that are hazardous to the environment and humans. 

Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions still associated with refurbished technology. For example, some consumers believe second-hand technologies are of a lower quality. In addition, they may also think that models might have a shorter lifespan, that battery life is inefficient, or that purchasing new technology is simpler. This means numerous individuals are still tempted to buy new technology, believing they are purchasing a higher value asset in spite of a larger price tag, unknowingly contributing to the problem of e-waste. 

At Tier 1, we use grading technology to ensure we provide you with the highest quality item available. However, we also go the extra mile, trying to reuse all original components and reconditioning each model to achieve the highest grade. This process reduces the need to purchase any new components or materials, ensuring a lower carbon footprint and actively reducing any environmental harm. We are moreover dedicated to educating and helping businesses and individuals about e-waste, such as advising on how to create a sustainable IT policy

Warranty and support

Tier 1 is proud to offer a comprehensive, free one year warranty policy, in addition to a 14-day money back guarantee. This not only protects you - the consumer - but means your product is covered in the event of damage. 

Unless stated in the product description, your warranty will start from the day you receive your order, and covers a range of problems, including:

  • Parts and labour
  • Support for breakdowns
  • Full replacement if we cannot fix your item
  • Faults instigated by any technical problems
  • Free delivery and (if we need to replace your item!) recycling

Just remember that, as per other standard warranties, some things are not covered by our warranty, including liquid or accidental damage caused to screens, surrounds, keyboard and more.

For more information, you can view our warranty guide here

What Are the Best Refurbished Laptops?

There's no 'one size fits all' answer to this question. Naturally, grading technology means that items such as Grade A refurbished laptops are going to be the most aesthetically pleasing - but everyone may use their refurbished laptop for different needs. For someone with a lower budget, a Grade C laptop may be the perfect choice. 

As stated before, both Grade B and Grade C refurbished laptops are just as functional as a Grade A refurbished laptop - the key difference is the aesthetics of your device. As such, someone buying a laptop for personal use at home might be happy to purchase a Grade C laptop, but for office working, they might feel a Grade A is the most suitable.

Most importantly, selecting a refurbished laptop means you will be able to save money, potentially selecting a brand that was originally outside of your price range. 

Generally, some of the 'best' (by which we mean the most popular) laptops you can purchase are as follows:

Microsoft Laptops

There's a reason Microsoft is the largest laptop company in the world - their sleek yet powerful machines are highly popular among creatives, professionals, and general users in need of a laptop. 

These laptops, particularly the ones in the Surface collection, are renowned for their speed and processing power, in addition to having a significant amount of RAM (random-access memory), meaning you can open a multitude of applications without issues such as freezing. 

Purchasing a refurbished Microsoft laptop can save you anywhere from 35% to 50% - plus the bonus of a warranty! - so shopping second-hand is recommended. 

Apple Laptops

Whether a Macbook Air or a Macbook Pro, Apple products are always in style - even the refurbished models! 

Available in neutral colours and chock full of high-performance processors, significant storage and excellent graphics, these laptops are highly popular with young professionals and creatives. 

These laptops are also very user friendly, meaning we often recommend them as a 'general use' device. In addition, you can save 15-30% off the original price by buying a refurbished Apple laptop - significant savings for the products, which are renowned for their high price tags. 

Dell Laptops

One of the most popular features of Dell laptops is their excellent build quality. These laptops, especially those in the Latitude series, are created using premium materials - meaning these items are less prone to wear and tear. 

Dell moreover retails laptops with many different configurations and specifications, meaning the possibilities are endless, and that you can easily find a refurbished Dell laptop that perfectly suits your needs - at a fraction of the price. 

Lenovo Laptops

Lenovo's product range is varied, targeting all user needs. These range from the ThinkPads, which are perfect for those working in professional settings, through to laptops suited to an avid gamer. 

Similarly to Dell laptops, Lenovo laptops have been popularised for their high build-quality, with the latter often praised for having a slightly smaller price mark. As a bonus, you can sometimes get as much as 50% off on refurbished models. 

HP Laptops

HP prides itself on designing products with innovative designs, including sleek models with high specifications. In addition, these laptops are available at a wide range of price points, meaning they are accessible to consumers across the spectrum. 

In addition, the company often collaborates with other big names, such as Intel, to ensure your laptop functions seamlessly.

Plus, by purchasing through Tier 1, you can save as much as 30% on these laptops to capitalise on the very best technology, for the lowest price. 

In Conclusion 

To conclude, purchasing a refurbished laptop is a great way to save on costs and acquire a device that is both reliable and top of the range, while benefiting the planet. 

It is important to remember that refurbished laptops aren't necessarily old - in some cases, refurbishment simply means these models have been upgraded, repaired, or simply cleaned. 

While the 'best' refurbished laptop will be highly dependent on your individual needs, Tier 1 addresses this problem by stocking a huge range of products. With several brands, processors, features and sizes to choose from, we are proud to partner environmentally-conscious consumers with top of the range products. 

You can find our very latest products in stock here, all without impacting the environment or contributing to the ongoing problem of e-waste.