Lengthy boot-up times and continuous restarts are often the first signs of an ageing laptop, but with a little love and care they can last much longer. In this guide, our experts will be delving into how long new and refurbished laptops can last, including top tips users can follow to help prolong the lifespan of their tech. 

What is the Average Lifespan of a Laptop? 

On average, a consumer laptop can last anywhere between three to five years, coinciding with the time when wear and tear becomes visible and newer software features become available. Meanwhile, Apple MacBooks can last up to eight years with their more advanced built-in security features.  

Man typing on two laptops situated next to each other.

For businesses, the lifespan of laptops is slightly different as they typically refresh their IT estate every three to four years. As companies usually invest in high-quality and top-specification equipment, they’re generally made to last for more than four years. To cut down on e-waste, most of our devices are sourced from large organisations, and with a little love and attention we quickly make them feel like new again!  

How Long Do Refurbished Laptops Last? 

Many refurbished laptops can last another three to four years from service, but this can be dependent on the previous owner.  

The laptops we source are often in their infancy and with small repairs can last for years to come depending on their grading. This makes them perfect for tight budgets as the lower price point means buyers can often grab a higher-spec machine than if they were purchasing brand new – opt for a high-resolution refurbished i7 laptop or bridge the gap between tablets and laptops with a refurbished Microsoft laptop. The choices are endless.  


IT and telecoms e-waste has increased by 98% since 2008 (according to research published in early 2023), so opting for a refurbished laptop is becoming more than just a budget-friendly option. At tier1, we’ve managed to save and repurpose 60% of over half a million IT devices we receive each year, including laptops, PC monitors, servers, and printers. Those that are beyond recovery or repair are broken down and recycled.  

Can You Extend the Life of Your Current Product? 

It sounds obvious, but laptops can last much longer with the right care. Extending the life of a laptop requires upkeep from the user and potential upgrades to help dated models sustain larger software updates. Our experts have a few tips to consider when caring for a laptop: 

  • Keep it clean - avoid dust getting into the device.  
  • Avoid any tea and coffee spills - though we may like a nice brew whilst working, our keyboards don’t appreciate the drips! 
  • Don’t leave your laptop plugged in all day - keeping the battery range between 40-80% can help prolong the life of the battery.  
  • Keep up to date with Windows updates - they contain patches and security fixes to help your system run smoothly for longer.  
  • Always run your core system updates! 


Understanding the lifespan of laptops and what can help extend their usage will help you enjoy your new or refurbished piece of tech for years to come.

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